Project Description

Dynamics in Aircraft Engineering Design and Analysis for Light Optimized Structures

DAEDALOS is a 3.5 year project funded by the European Union as part of the Seventh Framework Programme. Involved in the project are numerous companies, research institutes and universities from around Europe.

Current aircraft design and certification procedures are mainly based on conservative static loading which leads to additional weight and, potentially, to a structurally unsafe aircraft. The overall objective of the DAEDALOS project is to develop methods and procedures to determine dynamical loads and redesign the aircraft considering the effects of dynamic buckling, material damping and mechanical hysteresis during aircraft service.

ALE investigated the dynamic buckling behavior of a skin panel in the wing, made of unidirectional carbon-fiber composite material, due to time-dependent loads caused by a vertical gust. Damping layers made of Soundcoat were placed in between the stringers to determine the effect of viscoelastic damping on the stress distribution in the skin. Several damping configurations were analyzed to determine to what extend the aircraft might benefit from passive damping. The wing panel was then redesigned to realize a reduction of weight.

Ultimately, the improved methodology and new design proposals of the partners involved are united, and a prediction is made of the potential weight reduction of the entire aircraft.