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Project Description

Each luxury yacht is an unique part of engineering. Contrarily, construction methods are conventional. As this industry always searches for extremes of what is possible for a yacht, the appliance of lightweight materials can extend the design domain. ALE was asked by a key player in the industry to perform a feasibility study on the potential of these materials. This because ALE has both the knowledge of the materials and the modelling of deck constructions for luxury yachts.

Within the given boundary conditions, ALE found various lightweight deck concepts. These concepts were modeled in FE and virtually tested to investigate strength, stiffness and eigenfrequency. Similar FE analyses are performed for a conventional decks such that the performance of the lightweight decks is directly visible. In addition, the feasibility regarding a short term implementation of lightweight decks in a luxury yacht was elaborated. Suitable construction principles and fastening methods were presented to the client. Off-the-shelf composite lightweight panels were selected.